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hello minna(everyone),

Welcome 2 my page....

Ladies Night!

I told [info]salwaphoenix to post it here.. so now is my turn.

Come to BookXcess tomorrow for the Ladies Night :) First 100 ladies who RSVP through Facebook will get a special gift :D

.... that's not all.

[info]salwaphoenix had asked the 2 piano players for tomorrow performance to play Arashi songs *muka tak malu kan dia ~haha but i like* Let's support him? I think Azri was kinda traumatized when Salwa asked him to play Niji, since he's a SNSD fan xD But yeah, hopefully he'll play it good tomorrow night~

And apparently Vale dated a Japanese girl before. He composed a Japanese piece the other day and played it for us and woah, the goosebumps - they were real. Salwa was like 'we need to ask him to play Arashi songs!' and he kinda agreed? IDK . Lets hope he'll play the songs Salwa had requested. Let's just say he'll make Arashi's fans happy <3

So what are you waiting for? Let's go together?Salwa had already asking them to play Arashi songs for the few Arashi fans in BookXcess, so support us? :D

p/s: Cik Salwa, I've posted it here already :D :D :D


thursday, 10 feb 2011 = off day


thursday = 10 feb = off day,

1. target -> sunway - shopping n lunch
2. lunch -> ichiban ramen - beef ramen
3. DAISO  -> bowl n etc - extra: to be free is airing! HEPI!
4. desert -> kindori - chocolate
5. shoping -> brand outlet - target: tee with music design

p/s: bouncy bcoz of to be free by ARASHI! it's not easy to have that luck! (*_^)v


Jan. 1st, 2011

Hola My Wall,

Hola My Fwen,

Hola My Idol,

Karachan Mission, Target and Achievement 2011 Journal

Date: 1st January 2011
Target: Lomo Camera

Achievement: Successfully built the Lomo Camera from scratch. (together with arashic0804 for 2 hours)

You Scored as Ohno Satoshi

You're most compatible with Ohno! You are content with simple things in life and understand that happiness is intrinsically generated. Ohno seems to prefer someone who is completely relaxed and free to live life with expression and honesty - with him, you get someone to grow old with.

Results based on a 2006 translated interview about ideal marriages - therefore, you may want to take everything with a grain of salt. ;)

Ohno Satoshi

Aiba Masaki

Sakurai Sho

Matsumoto Jun

Ninomiya Kazunari


MEME [bouncing!]

I've being tagged by  p_juchan 

TITLE: everything!

Question: 20 (jwb semua!)

kochi kochi..... know more bout me....Collapse )




 1st of all, thnx to almighty, ALLAH.....

2nd, to my dear sis ryoshige...

to my mom who ask me to go back to n9 and to my dear sis liya who have to go to kuantan diz weekend...

title: scam company
actor: new wave advertising enterprise & karachan
scene: job interview for advertising & promotion exec post
vanue: ampang

continue behind the scene....Collapse )


 hola minna,

i.ve received my msian_newsfan exchange gift on saturday, 2 days b4 merdeka.... the sender is 

sowi to for the late post, im quite bz with a lot of work..... (padahal praktikal je).... misz LJ alot coz now i rarely online n not update at all bout latest issue (bout my ichiban n others).... huhu miss my yamada, daichan n sawatari alot... dh lama xtgk mke diorg... ops... alreadi out of topic.... ahaks

here i provide u the pic of my gift... dont be jeles ok... ahaks



hmmmm... countdown 4 what? for my PSM presentation... tawakal jela pape nk jd pun... dh try my best n hope sgt seme bjln ngn lancar.... xnk pk dh pas ni... nk abh cpt2... blh release tension awl... coz juz 5 person (my clazmate) will present diz day... others will present on thursday... n saturday.... pas PSM ni abh, hope lulus dgn jayanya n xyah repeat dh... n pas nih nk fangurling puas2... mntk sngt moga dimakbulkan doa ini... amin... hmmm to all my fwen... wish me luck k...

to my supervisor... thnx la melayan kerenah saya yg ske menangguh kan kerja... hikhik... kalo dr anizah bg sy lulus dgn jaya nye... sy xssh kn dr dah... ahaks

to en ibrahim ahmad... my penilai a.k.a my flash n game lecturer... bg mrkh tgi2 ek... thnx alot 4 everything

p/s: daicon waiting 4 me... ahaks, so kna settle awl2 PSM nih

4 all my fwen... wish me best of luck...


bored meme

meme fromnewskattuneito , as like her and jadey, i'm too bored also

1 : How you're feeling now ?
bored!! so boring n blur help me!!

2 : Thing nearest to you ?
My lovely laptop

3 : Colour of your pants ?

4 : Game you're currently playing ?

5 : Your ringtone ?
koyashige - chirarizumu

6 : Last message in your phone inbox ?
from sumone..juz a normal msg

7 : Best friend ?
currently 4E

8 : Brand of your TV ?
don’t have 1

9 : School ?
UTeM, will be grad next year (HOPE SO!)

10 : Own a MP4 ?
nope…. Is there’s anyone want to buy it 4 me?

11 : Best colour for your hair ?
Black…. I love the original 1…

12 : Curly or straight hair ?
wavy!! Haha… not in the list!
13 : Song you're listening to now ?
TEGOMASSU – tanabata matsuri

14 : Did you kiss anybody for the past 2 days ?
nope!! 100% sure

15 : Your nickname ?
EMA!! or tegonyan lover…

16 : What would you be wanted to call if you weren't your current name ?

17 : Have secrets ?
yes!!! Everyone got secret rite?

18 : Will you be happy if you have everything ?
YES!! Everyone will rite… most important is MONEY kot… to buy more JE stuff... ahaks

19 : Always thinking of someone ?
no I think… juz always thinking bout my psm…

20 : 14th name in your phonebook ?
hmmm my friend’s family…

21 : Most desperate dream ?
hmmm dono la….

22 : When did you last laugh till you cried ?
don’t remember… ok now I remember it… I fell down during musical chair on 1st poprainbow anniversary.

23 : If you had a crush , would you tell them you love him/her now ?
don’t think so… I’m shy person I guest… ahaks

24 : Single or Taken ?

25 : Tattoos or piercings ?

26 : If you could be somewhere in the world now , where would you want to be ?
tegoshi houses… ahaks… or more specific, his room BWAHAHAHA

27 : Anybody broken your heart before ?
of coz… waaaaa it hurt… izit? Haha im not so sure

28 : Whose birthday(s) is/are coming ?
my sis, camu fans… haha 14 june

29 : Planning to give them presents ?
If i got xtra money la… coz im broke rite now….  Tegomassu album n single waiting, ayak!

30 : How many email accounts do you have ?
1 yahoo MALAYSIA & 1 gmail